Learn how YOU can make ₹ 1,00,000 per month with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Understand the Fundamentals of High Quality Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns and generate revenue for yourself and the clients you work with.

5+ Hours On-Demand Content

Get high quality training from industry experts.

Bonuses worth ₹ 20,000 for Free

To enhance your program experience and add value.

Sales generated through Facebook Ads

We have generated ₹ 5,00,000 in revenue for clients worldwide.

Meet Your Trainer

Shahbaz Shaikh

Facebook Ads Specialist
Founder of DigiMark-Media
Helped 50+ clients worldwide
Host of the Creator Talk Show

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Enroll Now & Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹ 20,000!

Who can join this program?

Business Owners

Use the skills to grow your existing business, and reach a wider audience on Facebook and Instagram.


Increase your prospects and generate more revenue through proper ad campaign management.

Agency Owners

Grow your audience and find new people to work with using the skills taught in this Mastermind Program.


You can learn a valuable lifetime skill which can help you make money online without falling prey to scams.

Social Media Marketers

They can gain practical knowledge and implement it on their current Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns for better ROI.

Affiliate Marketers

They can build a strong social media presence and get good brand deals by applying the concepts shared in the program.

What will you learn in the program?

Module 1:

Introduction to Facebook (Meta) Ads

If you are not familiar with Facebook Ads at all, this module shall discuss the basics of Facebook Ads, and explain why Facebook Ads are important.

You'll understand the following:

Module 2:

Laying the foundation for success

Here you get to set up your social media profiles in the correct way, so that you can run successful Ad Campaigns for yourself (and for your clients).

You'll understand the following:

Module 3:

Facebook Ad Manager Mastery

Become a master of Facebook Ad Manager, and learn the different Ad types and objectives.

You'll understand the following:

Module 4:

Understand the Meta Pixel

Implement your knowledge of the Meta Pixel and use it for Ads on your own website, and see it in action!

You'll understand the following:

Module 5:

Audience & Targeting Mastery

Create audience personas and use the power of Facebook to target the right people, who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

You'll understand the following:

Our Results

Unlock bonuses worth
₹ 20,000!


Facebook Ads Career Roadmap


₹ 3,999 Free

We will guide you how you can start your career in Facebook Ads as an Intern, Employee, or a Freelancer. We shall also show you how to build an Ad Agency.


Facebook Ads Money Blueprint


₹ 3,999 Free

This is a power packed package filled with step-by-step guidance to make money online, using the power of Facebook (Meta) Ads.


Premium Meta Ads Community


₹ 2,999 Free

You shall be added to a community of like-minded people, where you can discuss your projects, ask questions, connect with people and grow your network. 


Profitable Ads Formula


₹ 3,999 Free

Learn the secrets that successful people use to generate high-quality leads for themselves and their clients, using the power of Facebook Ads. 


Facebook Ads - Case Studies


₹ 3,499 Free

Understand how actual businesses use the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to generate sales and earn profits. 


Customer Avatar Checklist


₹ 1,499 Free

Learn how you can create good buyer personas with the Customer Avatar Checklist, and target the right people.

What people say

Meet Your Trainer

Shahbaz Shaikh

Facebook Ads Specialist
He is the founder of DigiMark-Media, and he has helped 50+ clients worldwide to reach their target customers and generate High Quality Leads With Facebook & Instagram Ads.
He is also the host of the Creator Talk Show, where he interviews famous influencers and content creators, like Avi Arya (Avijit Arya), Digital Dhairya, and others.

Born On Instagram Award Winner

People I have Interviewed

Sahil Khanna

Digital Marketer, YouTuber and Entrepreneur

He is helping more than 8,00,000 + entrepreneurs across the globe with his youtube channel, Intellectual Indies, that is ranked one of the top digital marketing channels in India.

Avi Arya

Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker and an Author

Avi Arya (Avijit Arya) is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive, ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine and credited to create 100 million dollar revenues for his clients.

Digital Dhairya

Influencer & Creators Coach

His repertoire lies in constantly pushing the boundaries, utilizing innovative techniques to drive growth online, and deliver exceptional results for his clients. He aims to create 1 lac influencers by sharing his insights and expertise.

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