How I got my first client online

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Today, I feel like I should share with you how I got my first client online. And it is how I got the motivation and will to keep going, despite all the negative talk that kept me on the edge of giving up. It is very strange, how things turn out.

To be honest, I didn’t even expect any payment in the first place! But let’s see the steps that led to the payment, and what I had offered.

I was browsing Facebook in search of any type of work which was related to story writing – be it editing, or such. I had joined quite a few Facebook Groups related to writing and editing. I had posted that I was looking for honest testimonials for editing people’s short stories.

Someone was interested in my services, and we had a chat on Facebook Messenger, and soon I got the short story that I was supposed to edit. I did it in a couple of days, and my client was very happy with the results.

So, I asked for a testimonial, but she decided to pay me as well. I finally agreed on the amount, and soon received the amount. I was very happy.

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