My Reading List

Here is what I read... What about you?

Why do I read books?

Reading is fun, and it opens up my mind to new ideas, and boosts my creativity. Other than that, it is an amazing passtime if you are alone, and bored. 😉

So, here I shall share what I have read, and share my progress and thoughts about each book. Thank you for taking interest in me. I am sure some of you will be able to relate to me, and if you want to, just go ahead and leave a comment or get in touch with me if you want to chat with me (On Messenger).

Topics I like to explore:

Here are some topics I am fond of, and if you are an author who has written something related to the topic I have mentioned here, feel free to let me know. I’d try my best to read and share my honest opinion with you.

Books I am reading:

Here are the latest books that I am reading, or have finished reading. I mostly read E-books, mostly at night, or when I am free during the day. You can click on the book to read my opinions and notes on the book, and my progress, and detailed rating.

Worth a read... really!

This section contains the articles and stuff I read on the internet, and really liked. So, if you can relate to these, feel free to read them as well! These are not affiliate links or such, and I don’t have any affiliation whatsoever.

About Me

I am an author, editor and web designer. I help companies convey their brand message through design and UI / UX development.

I love reading stories, and writing when I feel inspired. 

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