Kids Moral Tales

A website for kids stories



The Client

Kids Moral Tales is a project I developed myself for promoting and sharing children’s stories, and I hope you like it. It is my pet project, and it is the first website that was built by me, which was self-hosted.

The Goal

This is to show my potential clients what one can build using WordPress, and this also serves my passion for storytelling.
Feel free to read some stories and leave your valuable comments. 🙂



The website turned out to have an amazing design inspired by a digital agency template, which has links to contact the company at the bottom, and features the services provided and their stories prominently. There are daily random quotes and other cool features like a place for getting inspiration.
I learnt quite a lot about web design as I was working on this website.

Author accounts and frontend forms

There are many amazing features for website authors, including a dedicated account page, and a place to share their updates and news. Authors can also add their social media profile links, and also submit stories and other content from the front-end forms, without ever needing to view the backend of the website.

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