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I would like to discuss about my experience and opinion regarding the Digital Deepak Internship Program, which is managed and run by Deepak Kanakaraju. He is from South India, and I am from the North.

How amazing is the power of Digital Marketing! It surely is something that has had a big impact on my life. There are a lot of people who do not understand the importance of digital marketing.

I learnt quite a bit about the mindset of a successful person, and now hope to apply it in my life.

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

How I joined this program

There were a lot of things I was taking an interest in, during my twenties, and I was particularly interested in tech-related stuff, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and programming.

I kept browsing Facebook, YouTube, and a couple of other apps, in search for inspiration and some guidance regarding my career. As I was browsing Facebook, I came across an ad for joining a digital marketing internship, and thought: Let’s see what it is!

There was a webinar which I was invited to, and on the first day, I could not join, as the webinar room was full. Yes, 1,000 people had joined the webinar! I was surprised, and this meant that a lot of people were interested.

On the second day, I joined, and they tried to show positive social media reviews, and how people were praising the program. Then, those who were interested, were asked to pay ₹ 15,000 in advance, which was to be refunded to us as we completed the assignments in the program.

What we learnt in the program

The program was structured into 12 weeks (3 months). 

In this week, we learn to think like successful people, and understand the principles that can set us up for success.

In this week’s lesson we understand the fundamental principles of marketing, and what is considered as a good marketing strategy, and what is not.

In this week, we learn how to find a profitable niche, and how to understand the market opportunity.

This week is primarily about how to set up a blog in WordPress, and start blogging professionally.

This week is all about how we can create amazing content, and provide value to our potential clients. Our content can build our personal brand, which in turn drives sales and creates opportunities for growth.

In this week, we learn how to network with people, and how to use social media appropriately (from an entrepreneur’s prospective).

One of the amazing lessons of this Internship Program is that we learn how to generate leads, and how to do email marketing properly.

This is when we learn about Facebook Ads, like Custom Audiences, Interest-Based Targeting, and a lot more. We also had to actually run ads, and it was amazing!

Though Google Ads is quite complex and full of different settings and customization options, we were able to understand it, and implement our knowledge as well.

This week, we got to learn how to optimize website content for search engines, and understood about keywords and more.

This week will let you understand how to link all the marketing efforts together, and run them with minimal intervention from your side, once the setup is completed.

It includes personalized email marketing, and other cool stuff.

This is the final week, where we learn the art of sales, and it is really a very important skill to have. Without being able to sell, nothing will work!

So, these are the 12 weeks of the Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP). We had to submit assignments, which was quite enjoyable at times, and we had a group, which had around 600 members.

I already knew quite a bit about digital marketing even before joining DDIP, but still, it was an amazing experience. One of the main things that I had been missing before was being a part of a group of a like-minded community.

Other than that, I got to explore the systems and tools used by a successful ed-tech company in India. That too for FREE! I got my money back as cashback on completing the assignments provided on a weekly basis. 

What I received as an intern

I am very happy to have received a welcome gift, which contained a welcome letter, goal card, a ball pen, a small diary, and a key-chainEverything was branded as Digital Deepak.

On completing the program, we also received a certificate.

Internship Certificate Image

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