Kids Moral Tales and my experience with GoDaddy

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Hi, thank you for taking interest in my story. Today, I would like to share my story of becoming a GoDaddy customer. But here is a bit of my backstory to give you some context. I love stories. So, when I was still a student, I searched online to see if there was a way to publish my stories for free.

I signed up for the first website that popped up – Booksie. I then began to read other people’s content, and others read mine. I was very active on the website initially, and understood a bit about marketing my writing as an author.

This healthy engagement inspired me to create my first website – Kids Moral Tales. I consulted one of my relatives about my website, and how to set up everything. He advised me to try GoDaddy. I did not know anything about self-hosted WordPress websites, and never written any PHP code in my life at that time.

I did not know what all was necessary to be successful online. But this did not stop me from trying out. I thought that I loved stories, and people would come to my website to read them. But I was also not sure which plan to buy. There were so many options!

I finally bought a 2-year shared hosting plan from GoDaddy. But I did not get SSL. I did not know that since I expected to get all that was necessary on purchasing the Managed WordPress plan! Since I had been very irregular at coming online, due to many reasons, the refund window of 14 days was soon over, and I did not realise it on time.

So, I was stuck with this hosting for 2 years! I thought that since I have bought this mainly for testing things out, and getting a hang of WordPress on a live website, my basic need was fulfilled. It was not all that bad, as I had daily backups, and also had phone support, which was quite handy as a beginner.

I tried so many things, that I don’t remember all that I did. But I think that I came to know about Elementor at that time, and have been quite a fan so far. Back then, I was only using the free version of the page builder, and it was terribly slow, especially on a weak internet connection.

So, I was mostly not so excited to sit for hours and hours to build my website. And towards the end of the 2-year period, I kind of rekindled hopes of reviving my website and my dream of providing entertaining and educational stories for children.

On the days leading up to the end of the hosting, I frantically researched for the best and cheapest hosting in India. And I am right now on Hostinger, and I am happy. Hostinger has amazing UI and a seamless hassle-free experience. They do not have phone support, but that does not bother me much.

Their live chat support is enough. Besides that, setting up the necessary things like SSL and caching, and Cloudflare was a breeze. I did not have any issues with them so far. Kids Moral Tales is also hosted on Hostinger.

I shall try to keep writing short stories for children, and hopefully you will like it too!

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