What inspired me to pursue web design?

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It is quite interesting how I began web design and development. But before I present the long version, which shall be primarily a recollection of my thoughts and my attempt at some serious storytelling, here are a few things I want to discuss with you.

First of all, remember that I am primarily investing my time and effort in this website to have a clear understanding of my own self, and reflect and learn from my own experiences, and probably inspire someone like me to move on, and succeed in life.

There are a lot of things that can inspire us, motivate and elevate us from our current position (whether it is related to our career, health, or relationships, etc.) to the next level, and if these things are not noted down or preserved, these moments can be lost on us forever, and we may not realise the blessings and rewards we have been bestowed upon by our creator.

Our life is very dynamic in nature, and we may not appreciate it fully if we forget the events that made us unique and shaped our identity. There are a lot of things that we do, but not pay attention while doing it – which sometimes results in unnecessarily wasting our valuable time searching for misplaced things, and it can also lead to some hilarious and funny moments (not necessarily for the person facing the problem).

This website is a place for me to share my knowledge with anyone who might find the same (or similar) topics interesting and worth exploring. This is not necessarily a niche blog, but surely an outlet for me to explore things and figure things out. So, if you are here expecting to find niche-specific information, you may be a bit disappointed.

It is very difficult to believe a person whom you have never met face-to-face, and I understand that. So, please be aware that I assume no responsibility for any kind of loss or misfortune that might befall you or anyone else, who tries to blindly follow what I have shared on this website.

And also remember that a person’s thoughts evolve over time, and therefore, I might have moved on, and changed my view on some topic I have written about, but for some reason, failed to update it or modify it. You are free to follow me or take your own way. In either case, I shall not be held responsible in any way.

I think that it is getting a bit too technical and boring here. So, here we go!

How it all began πŸ™‚

I have to share a bit about my childhood here. Otherwise it will not make any sense. And the story will remain incomplete. I know it is kind of scary, but I am sure you will appreciate it. 😊

I have a unique attraction to stories, and books have had a very profound influence in my life. I still remember the feeling when I pick up a storybook to read, and do not feel like putting it down till I finish it.

So, if you were there during my days at school, you would have seen a young boy in school uniform walking along the footpath with his eyes glued to a storybook he had just picked up from the school library, who just occasionally glanced at the road to check if he was on the right path to his home. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

I used to find time to read and write stories despite a busy schedule, and it was mainly a hobby. It still is my hobby, but now I don’t write much. One of the reasons being my focus on writing content for my own website. (This one)

I also had the opportunity to explore the world of computers and programming while I was studying at school. I loved that period very much. I have had quite a lot of unanswered questions at school, and after my graduation, I did explore the world of programming and software development.

How my online presence began

As you have read about my love for stories, you might easily deduce that I would, at some point, be inspired to write. So, when I searched for publishing my stories online, I found out about Booksie, which lets people publish their writing (stories, poems, articles, etc.) for free.

I have been a user since December 2015, and when I started out, I was too scared to share anything about myself on my profile page. I still remember that all I had written on the profile page was: β€œI am a student.”

It was also partly because I did not know what should I put on that page. But, thankfully, I have come a long way, and have managed to open up quite a bit. The tagline β€˜Read, and get read’ inspired me so much back then, that I invested quite some time exploring the platform, and took inspiration from other Booksie users who had shared their work.

After getting a bit more comfortable, and exploring other people’s profiles, I opened up a bit and added some cool stuff. (Like Glittering text and images)

Then, I wrote quite a few poems and short stories. If you want, you can visit my Booksie page. I am not that active on Booksie, but do still check it out from time to time. So, while trying to promote my work on that website, I learnt a bit about how marketing works.

The birth of Kids Moral Tales

This led me to think, why can’t I also create a website, and get so many people to come and enjoy my content? That way, if people come to me directly, I might have more freedom and success. And I would also have greater control over the aspects of the website, and maybe explore what else can be done…

This is how Kids Moral Tales was born. But I did not know anything about web design or development back then. After consulting some people, I decided to create the website on Godaddy with Managed WordPress. To know more about my experience with Godaddy, and a bit about the story of Kids Moral Tales, click here.

Lost in the digital forest

I was quite consumed by my dream of having my own online income source, and this led me to do extensive research on ways to earn legitimately online. I did not want to fall prey to a get-rich-quick scheme, and did not expect to become very rich overnight.

As you can expect, I was wandering aimlessly on the internet trying to get a good business idea, and I spent my days brainstorming, but it was not much. I had no guide, and neither had any money or will to invest in learning courses online.

See, the big problem with people like me is that I did not have any specific goal in mind, other than the fact that I wanted to earn online. And since I was not willing to risk wasting my effort on scammy websites and get-rich-quick schemes, I did not jump into risky or little-known ventures.

But this ultimately cost me a lot of time. And I needed results. So, I started attending various webinars and free stuff provided by digital marketers, Youtubers, and other people. And I was looking for a viable solution.

I got a lot of new stuff to explore, like the concept of mind mapping, the various marketing strategies like email marketing, funnel building, etc. But still, I did not know how to connect all the things together to form a complete system which mostly automated a business running online. And most of the solutions were way expensive for beginners like me.

Joining Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

After exploring a lot of options, and attending various free online courses, and reading a ton of blogs, I finally thought, β€œWhy not integrate everything into one single system, and probably automate it?” This is called integrated digital marketing. (I did not know what is was called before I joined DDIP)

I already was subscribed to Neil Patel, was aware of WPBeginner, and had more or less understood how marketing worked. What I needed was a little guidance on how to connect the dots together, and get up-to-date information on the tools required for setting up a proper system.

On one fine day, while I was casually browsing Facebook, I must have seen Deepak Kanakaraju’s advertisement, which led me to his webinar, where I came to know about the Digital Deepak Internship Program in detail.

Building this website

Then I created this website, at the end of the program, after finishing my assignments at DDIP. This website will showcase all my web design skills, and I shall try to keep adding cool stuff here, along with any relevant resources.

I love designing websites, and hope to see your ideas come to life in your own digital space – your website. It is easy, fun and rewarding. Trust me! I get to do all types of amazing stuff every day.

If you are interested to see what I am working on currently, you can check out my recent activity page.

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